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Are you looking for an evening to have some fun?

Do you want to connect with other women and feel empowered?

Join us for these exciting (and free) evenings to celebrate us women while we let go and be ourselves through dance and share!



New dates coming soon!

Grab a cuppa and settle in for our Tuesday Share where you will feel safe to share how you are really feeling, know you’re heard and free to express yourself. All while connecting with amazing women who make you feel supported and accepted.



New dates coming soon!

Do you want to have some fun and let go of the day's stress? Join us for the dance party to embrace your power as your move with the music, feel amazing in your own skin and tap into your joy as we dance like nobody’s watching!


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“Amy helped me re-center myself and realise how special and incredible I am. Her workshop was the perfect balance of activities with her dance party allowing me to express myself."


Hi, I am Amelia!

I have been where you are. I was feeling lost and anxious, constantly searching for the perfect life. After years of self-exploration and learning, I found the place where I felt at home and it started with me. This discovery made my purpose in life become clear:

to inspire women, like you, to love who they are

Helping others and creating connections is part of who I am. Through making you feel loved and connected, I will support you in finding your self-expression. This unique, creative and inspiring workshop does just that helping women like you stand in your own power - just like it helped me to find my way home. 

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