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Celebrating You with Bowie, John and Mercury

Have you ever realised when a feeling comes up - passion, anger, sadness, joy - music brings you comfort and expression? From dancing with David Bowie to crying with Adele to singing with Dolly Parton, it is like a bunch of friends sitting in your pocket, ready to be with you through any and every feeling.

When I turned 18 I started a tradition to celebrate myself. At midnight on my birthday, I play a song for the year. The song can represent something I need, want or am. My great list ranges from 'Humans' (the Killers) for reflection, 'I'm Still Standing' (Elton John) to heal heartbreak and 'Express Yourself' (Charles Wright) to express myself!

Place & Time? Nice, France at 12:00am on 28 January // Song? Don't Stop Me Now by Queen // Intent? Loving me & moving forward // What Am I Doing? Dancing like no one is watching


Did you know that music is good for all our parts - body, mind and soul?


Music will help you exercise! Play that powerful music that gets you energised and before you know it, you will be running faster! Believe me, it works!


Music does so much for our mind. It can improve our mood and memory, bring ease to pain and reduce any stress or anxiety we might be feeling.

Tip! Have a stressful meeting or hard conversation which is making you feel anxious? Play 'Seven Nation Army' by the White Stripes and strut like nothing can touch you.


It brings depth and exploration into ourselves. It guides us into reflection among many other things. This can be through meditation or listening to soothing piano which makes you feel connected to you.

What is your song for 2021?

What is something you want this year? What song reflects that?

I would love to hear what you choose! I will be posting my song this Thursday 28 January on Instagram and Facebook, sharing my tradition with you. Follow me to see what it is and learn more inspired moments!

Don't forget to sign up for the LOVE YOU! workshop on 13 & 14 February. There will be fun and joyful music which will embrace you and us girls. You will dance in your own expression, finding your confidence and power!


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