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There are a couple of questions that may have crossed your mind - here are a few of the common ones below.

  • What currency are the workshops in - GBP, CAD or USD? The workshops are currently in USD due to the platform I use, ConvertKit, for payments. 


  • Are the dance parties high impact? The focus of any dance and body movement in any of my workshops or sessions are for your own self-expression and what feels best for you. I have tailored it to reflect movements that make us comfortable in our own skin instead of high impact. 

  • Is everything shared confidential? Yes! Creating a space which is supportive, non-judgmental and safe is essential to everything I do. Anything you share with me will be strictly confidential. I may ask your permission for feedback to share but will ask you separately and confirm at that point in time. 


Below are a couple of terms and conditions, to 'cross our t's' and 'dot our i's'. 

  • We may do some dancing or light movement exercises. Please do ensure you have space around you and do what is best for you! This is your responsibility.


  • My workshops and sessions are designed to guide your exploration of self-love and connection. There is no commitment to a specific result and instead is a step within your own personal journey. 

  • There are no refunds.

  • Once you have confirmed payment, your details will be saved on a third party platform called ConvertKit. This is a completely secure and GDPR compliant platform I use for purchases and marketing. 


  • I will confirm with you separately if you are happy for me to hold your information (name and email address) for further updates about what I am offering.

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