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Free your inner


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Ready to discover more of what is possible for you to stand in your own power living the life you deserve

You are at the place where women, just like you, can feel loved and inspired to be your whole self. 

Combining all the good things - coaching, creativity and joy - you will find your own path and power, ready to take on the world.

Ready to put yourself first and stand in your own power?

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Colourful reminders you can keep right in your pocket! Perfect for those moments which you feel a bit unsure and need to hear - YOU GOT THIS - along with  a number of other affirmations. Available in both A6 postcards and mini cards.

These positive cards are what I need when I question myself. I love their colours and they make me smile just looking at them!


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Hi, I am Amelia!

I have been where you are. I was feeling lost and anxious, constantly searching for the perfect life. After years of self-exploration and learning, I found the place where I felt at home and it started with me. This discovery made my purpose in life become clear:

to inspire women, like you, to love who they are

Helping others and creating connections is part of who I am. Through making you feel loved and connected, I will support you in finding your self-expression.

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